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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello to all our readers. We are trying to get back into to the groove of things and start posting a regular blog with helpful, informative and maybe some entertaining information.

Let’s kick it off with my new favorite thing, changing my 16 month olds diaper. It’s like “herding cats”. She hates it and I end up with bruises along my forearms. I came across this article about diaper changing and am ready to try a few:

Take a stand. Instead of interrupting playtime, change her diaper while she's standing up and happily engaged.
Enlist her help. Even on her back, your toddler can hold a clean diaper or her pants and use them to surprise you in a quick game of peek-a-boo.
Offer a treasured toy. Or a favorite board book. Or stuffed animal. Keep a bin of items handy and rotate them so she's always intrigued.
Try a high-tech tactic. Give her your watch, cell phone, or even a calculator. She'll be fascinated while you get to work.
Talk her through it. Enthusiastically narrate the process, and she'll learn to anticipate each step -- and how soon you'll be done.
Hold on tight. When all else fails, just pin her down and change her fast.

Right now we are using the Hold on Tight method and I will reserve my comments about some of the above suggestions until I try them. Who knows MAYBE you can change a diaper with them standing up. Let us know what tricks you have found work best for you. My sanity and bruised forearms thank you!

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