Tuesday, March 30, 2010

“Ummm....I didn’t order this boring brown high chair”

I have two, that’s right people TWO, shopping cart/high chair covers that I use for Little Miss. Two because I can always have one clean and in my car in case one needs to be washed. I cant tell you what happened this particular night…..full moon, stars weren’t in alignment I don’t know…what I DO KNOW is that we ended up at a crowded restaurant on a Friday night and NO high chair cover in tow.

I don’t know who was more confused and disoriented, me or Little Miss…she was placed into a “naked” restaurant high chair as I frantically looked around for a cover to magically appear and maintain my calmness as best I could….all I was thinking about was, “all the germs, who sat here before her, were they sick, did they wipe this chair down, etc etc etc”

As Little Miss tried to non chalantly look around, she is way more discreet then I, and observe that she was sitting in a chair like all the other children around her, not in her yummy, fluffy, CLEAN high chair cover that protects her from the filth of what’s left behind on those chairs, I tried to calmly wipe down all sides of her chair with wipes.

Now, I am wondering if I should just have all the restaurants we frequent keep one there just for our use when we do come in, would that be asking too much??

My germ phobia aside Ritzy Baby has some new and fabulous shopping cart/high chair covers coming out just in time for Spring/Summer!!! Just like new clothing lines we at Ritzy Baby LOVE to update our fabrics and styles. These new styles include ruffles along the bottom, toy holders, pockets and a place to hold your sippy cup (or in my case, maybe antibacterial wipes).

Be sure to go to http://www.ritzybaby.com/ and check them out….we have already presold a lot of them, so get one OR two (always have a backup) while they are hot!! Also be sure to go to http://www.ritzybabyonline.com/ and shop all the other wonderful infant, children’s and mommy products we have.

Thank you to all our Ritzy Baby customers.