Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new journey with ritzy baby

new journey? why yes.

i am going to start off by introducing myself. my name is roiya, offically known as miss bloggeress for the ritzy baby company. to give a little background: i am 22 years of age, a graduate of the university of oklahoma, and an extreme girly girl. my passions consist of people, fashion, animals, and food. i am a very black and white person -- what you see is what you get. if i love something, i absolutely love it. if i don't, you will know. what i can say so far, i love ritzy baby.

i did not know what to expect coming into this company. it is only day 3, but so far i can without a doubt say that this company is GROWING. bridgette (creator of ritzy baby) started about 5 years ago. since then, she has carried herself to the #1 and #2 spot on google for infant/toddler car seats. little miss bridge is one busy woman. so busy that she needed to hire an assistant to help her out, that is where i come in. i am in charge of all her pr and soon to come, i will be helping her out with her new design studio. we are planning to have the design studio open on september 1. i could not be more thrilled. nothing is more stimulating to me than playing with pretty fabrics all day. our warehouse is located in the back of our studio, and sometimes i find myself walking back there to just graze all the pulchritudinous cloth.

for some exciting news..bridgette, her husband, and myself will be heading off to viva las vegas in october for the abc kids expo convention! the main focus of the show is on products, predominantly in the areas of furniture, bedding, room decor, baby gear, gift and layette, maternity, toys and related accessories. this is only 2 months away, which means i need to get my butt in gear and start learning the roots of our products. i know bridge and i will be able to do it. i have no doubt.

here is a picture of our new PREdesign studio. it is definitely still in the works, but once everything comes is going to look lovely.

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currently listening to hallelujuh -jeff buckley

roiya xoxo

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