Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog neglect.......

As I sit here this chilly January evening I find myself feeling a little guilty over my blog... I love blogging, so I ask myself why is this blog getting such neglect.... I am sure we could all agree that life happens and sometimes it just happens to be quite hectic. I remember being younger and hearing my family say "There is just not enough time in the day." Okay......well as a child that never made sense, until now. I will try to do better, but my life is hectic so I make no promises...However, I do promise to do the best that I can!

Things have been crazy for Ritzy Baby the past week. We are based out of Oklahoma and the weather has been less than pleasing. Personally, I love snow skiing and going to Breck every Spring Break, but I truly can live without blizzards here in Oklahoma. It does nothing but slow us down, close schools, businesses, roads....and basically life in general. :0) Sad, I know. So, I spent the majority of this week letting customers know we were basically "snowed in" and apologizing in advance that our shipping services would not be quite as speedy as normal. Every Ritzy Baby customer was absolutely wonderful. I truly am thankful for my amazing customers. I am so lucky to have such an amazing business with customers that are the BEST. So, thank you to everyone that may have been affected by this snow storm we have had. I hope you all know how appreciated you are!!!!

Not sure if you have became a fan of Ritzy on Facebook, but if you haven't yet then you should!!! We try to post daily on Facebook. We offer deals, special sales, things to come and so on. Right now the buzz is all about the NEW fabrics that we are sharing. Ritzy Baby is asking fans to vote on our new Spring fabrics. Our favorite so far is the Moonstone, but we would love to hear what your favorite is. Check out the options and tell us what your favorite is. We would also like to know what other products you would like to see Ritzy Baby design. Would you like matching diaper bags? baby bedding? Let us know and we will do our best to put your requests into action!!! Check out the amazing options below. Look forward to hearing from you!
xoxo, RB~

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