Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More storms are headed our way....

It is Tuesday Feb 8th, 2011 and I hear more storms are headed our way. I am very reluctant to go to the grocery store for fear of what happened last week.....

It was Monday of last week and I knew I needed a few items to bake cupcakes for my son Preston who was turning the BIG 4 years old on Tuesday! So, not realizing how much Okies (Oklahomans) fear blizzards (which was coming that night...) I set out to the local grocery store to buy a few goodies. OH MY! It was crazy. I have never seen so many people in the middle of the day buying groceries. Once I finally made it through the aisles, (which everyone else in Edmond, OK was also trying to do) I headed to the check out to pay. Well.....guess who else was at the grocery store. None other than the local news interviewing the poor lady in front of me. Here I am....no makeup...(I was planning on baking most of the day) in sweat pants with about 3 different cupcake batters, cream cheese, powdered sugar, canned frosting... in case mine didn't turn out. Then, there was the News asking people around me and in front of me if they were stocked up for the storm... Ummmm, please help them not ask me, please help them not ask me....I am reciting this in my head the entire time I am standing in line. Here I am buying cake mixes and frosting and the biggest storm in years is on it's way to us.... As if my son is really going to have his party at school the next day, Right?

Well, needless to say school was closed the rest of that week..and my family did eat all of the cupcakes I made. They also had good warm meals as well....we did have other groceries thank goodness. :0) The point to my story is...another storm is headed our way and this time I need to go to the store, but I really do not want to... I think I will send hubby once he leaves the office. For now, I will continue to pray that school isn't out all week again and that Ritzy Baby orders can continue to ship without mother nature taking over.
Will write more later....until then xoxo, Bridgette

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