Friday, October 2, 2009

Putting Your Best "Baby" Forward

Putting Your Best “Baby” Forward.

I know, I know, its supposed to be “Put your best FOOT forward” but with me I have always said that my child is my BEST accessory. Who cares if I haven’t washed my hair in two days or my clothes are wrinkled and don’t match, my daughter looks precious and that’s all that counts right?

Well, I went out to run errands the other evening without my best accessory and I had nothing to distract from the fact that my hair was a mess, I didn’t have any makeup on, and my shirt didn’t match my pants. And by pants I mean the black gauchos my husband threatened to burn because I wore them all during and after pregnancy. I try and sneak them into my weekly wardrobe and pretend I don’t see him cringe when he sees them.

Below are some Fall Must Haves for the busy mom:
Denim Everyone has heard the term Mom Jeans. Its an ugly term so, invest in a good pair of jeans, such as something long and dark, that flatter the body can greatly improve a wardrobe.
Layer Moms know that layers are not only fashionable, they are practical. After hauling a baby carrier and a crying toddler into the grocery store, most moms feel like they have completed a hard work-out at the gym. Dressing in layers allows the mom to remove excess clothing in such frantic times. Tossing on a long cardigan over a fitted t-shirt is a great way for a mother to layer and look fashionable in the process.
Double-duty bag Many moms find it burdensome to carry around a diaper bag and a purse. They often forgo their cute bag for the practical diaper bag. This does not have to be the case. Find a cute purse that can also hold the necessary baby supplies and can spice up your look instantly.
Little Black Dress For decades, fashion mavens have been discussing the importance of owning a good little black dress that can transition effortlessly from daytime to nighttime. There are many choices of little black dresses that will work for moms, whether she is attending story time at the library or cooking dinner for her brood. The key is finding a fabric that moves easily and has a child-friendly neckline and hemline.
Accessories A chunky beaded necklace or an armful of bangle bracelets can do wonders for a basic t-shirt and jeans combination. Not only do accessories perk up an outfit and help draw attention away from tired Mommy eyes, they also serve double-duty as an emergency form of entertainment for little ones.
Shoes Moms need shoes that are comfortable, able to withstand the assault of a playground's woodchips and stylish. The non-athletic tennis shoe is a perfect choice for moms because it offers the comfort of a tennis shoe in a subtle style that can be paired nicely with jeans and a cute top. Ballet flats are another option that help keep moms on their toes in a functional yet trendy way.
Save those faded yoga pants for the gym and throw something cute on this fall. Doing so will most likely improve one's mood, especially when catching a glimpse of those fabulous clothes in a mirror.
So Ritzy Baby moms, tell us what is your favorite mommy wardrobe staple that is functional yet makes you feel fabulous?

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  1. Ritzy Baby,
    Thank you so much for reminding me that the LBD, isn't only for work and can still be a staple in my new mommy wardrobe! A classic piece in a great fabric goes a long way to make me look fashionable and stylish. All my friends think I have gone to a lot of effort when I really just threw it on and ran out of the house. I found some jeweled ballet flats that look great and can't wait to bring out the tights and boots for cooler weather...Keep up the great advice!