Monday, October 26, 2009

BOO! Happy Halloween!

Is it wrong that I ordered “Little Miss” her Halloween costume back in June? I am so excited this year because she is walking now; we have even taught her to say “trick or treat”. Of course she just sounds like a bird chirping, isn’t that cute?!

Below are 5 tips to a Healthier Halloween:

1. Give your child a nutritious meal before he goes trick-or-treating. This will fill him up and make it less likely that he'll be eating the candy before he even gets home.
2. Let your child indulge a bit. Not allowing your child to eat her Halloween candy will just drive her to want it more. Although a low-fat diet is important for children, allowing the occasional indulgence, especially on a fun-oriented holiday like Halloween, is also important.
3. Set limits on how much candy can be eaten at once. When your child returns home from trick-or-treating, ask her to pick the 10 pieces of candy that she wants to keep. Take the rest away and use them as substitutes for lunch treats or desserts.
4. Have your child brush and floss his teeth thoroughly before going to bed. Although this should be done every night, it's especially important that your child's teeth be free of the Halloween sugar.
5. Donate your leftover candy to charity. Not only will this prevent your child from continuing to eat candy for months to come, it will help teach her the value of helping others.

Be sure to share some of your favorite Halloween ideas or stories with us.

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