Monday, November 16, 2009


We went to bed last night and it was in the 60’s. When we woke up this morning it was in the 30’s. Brrrrrrrrr!

I spent most of today frantically pulling out warm clothes for “Little Miss”, not an easy feat with a 17 month old there to “help out”. So as I ticked off my mental checklist: sweaters-check, long pants-check, hat-check, mittens-check, warm coat-check and so on, it got me to thinking about keeping her warm while traveling.

One thing I do miss about the Infant car seat carrier, (I know can you believe I said that about a 40 pound carrier that I had to lug around for 12 months), is that I could cover her up with those infant carrier covers. Keep your Ritzy Baby snugglie warm with the new Infant Car Seat Carrier Covers that are available to us these days. Check out the different styles to choose from, because its not your basic pink and blue anymore! Beautiful and sassy covers to choose from, baby can be stylish and warm.

Also, I always make sure to have a Stroller blanket either by the back door or already in the car. That way “Little Miss” is sure to be nice and snugglie warm while traveling in the car.

Please be sure to check out our selection of Infant car seat carrier covers for your infant AND check out the Stroller size blankets for keeping your toddlers warm!

The Holidays are right around the corner. No time like the present to start your shopping!

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